Yes, They Still Take Checks!

For those of us who like to pay our bills with checks and send our nephews and nieces checks for Christmas and birthdays, it’s nice to know that PFCU provides the means to do that with a secure, low-cost Share Draft checking account. Utility companies, stores, manufacturers, and even on-line shopping sources accept checks (or a checking account number, in the case of on-line purchases).

PFCU’s Share Draft Checking account pays dividends and offers unlimited checking. It has a monthly $5 service charge that can be waived under certain qualifying conditions.* Each draft makes its own carbonless copy to make record keeping easy. You may arrange for an Overdraft Protection line of credit along with your checking account, and you may also add a VISA Debit Card.

VISA Check (Debit) Card

PFCU’s VISA Check (debit) card is a convenient way to pay for purchases instead of using a check. Just swipe the card through the point-of-sale terminal at the checkout counter, enter your PIN and the purchase is electronically debited to your checking account. Record the transaction in your checkbook and be on your way! Your card is also accepted by Star® Network merchants. Use your PFCU debit card at restaurants, markets, gas stations or anywhere else a point-of-sale terminal is available. You can make cash withdrawals at ATMs displaying the VISA logo.

You may also use your debit card to make purchases wherever the VISA logo is displayed. Simply specify a credit transaction, sign the credit slip, and record your transaction in your checkbook. Verify your debit card purchase transactions when you receive your monthly share draft statement. PFCU charges $1 per month for a debit card and $.65 for each cash withdrawal transaction. There is no charge for purchase transactions.

Call or drop by PFCU to open your Share Draft Checking account and add Overdraft Protection and/or a Check (debit) Card.

(909) 594-1866

*Monthly service charge fees are waived if one of these qualifying service options is maintained at PFCU:
•  Maintain a current active loan/line of credit (account must carry an outstanding balance).
•  Maintain an active VISA account (account must have monthly activity or carry a balance).
•  Maintain a minimum balance of $10,000 in a savings account.
•  Be enrolled in PFCU Home Banking & E-statements.
•  Maintain an active checking account with Direct Deposit ($1,000 minimum or net paycheck) and an active Debit Card