Scam-Proof Your Life- Part 1

Two Common Scams You Should Avoid

Your Pacific Federal Credit Union cares about you and your financial well-being. Staying ahead of scammers and other rip-off artists in this technological age is difficult, and that’s why we print consumer information quarterly to help you stay aware and alert.

This quarter we want to let you know about a book published by AARP (the American Association of Retired Persons) entitled Scam-Proof Your Life, by Sid Kirchheimer. The book’s subtitle is “377 Smart Ways to Protect Yourself & Your Family From Ripoffs, Bogus Deals & Other Consumer Headaches.” The Washington Post called it “An invaluable resource,” and The New York Times labeled it “A compendium of tips for foiling the bad guys.” Although the Credit Union cannot officially vouch for or be liable for use of the information in this book, we wanted to make you aware of this helpful, publicly available resource. The book is available at bookstores, libraries and online. The AARP Website also features articles on how to avoid scams. Their Web address is You do not have to be an AARP member to visit the Website.

Read, be aware, stay alert.

Home Repair

If you receive an unexpected call or a knock on your door from someone who claims to be a contractor and he tells you he was “just driving by and noticed that you need a repair,” don’t go for it. Some demand upfront payment for materials and then take your money and run. Others do shoddy work with bogus materials and then charge outrageous prices. The worst are those who initially might do a decent job on a small repair for you, but then they continue to recommend more repairs until your wallet is empty. If you actually need a repair, ask friends or a builders’ organization for a recommendation to a reputable contractor.

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