24-Hour Access to Your Credit Union Account

(844) 435-4086

Call PATTI for FREE Account Inquiries
Easy, Quick, Secure

*Follow the Prompts

For your increased protection and to help combat identity theft, Credit Union representatives no longer release account balance and activity information over the telephone. To check your account balance or verify a deposit, please call PATTI (Pacific Audio Teller for Touchtone Information) audio response system.

Just dial the phone, follow the prompts and enter your PIN number to transfer funds, check balances, request a withdrawal by check and more. Plus, it’s FREE!

Not only is PATTI the QUICKEST way to get information, it’s also the MOST CONVENIENT. PATTI is available day or night, seven days a week. Another advantage: PATTI is a SECURE way to obtain your account information. That’s because you access your information using a PIN number used only by you. If you haven’t yet established a PIN number, please contact the Credit Union office at (909) 594-1866 to request your PIN and instruction pamphlet.

Why not put PATTI on your home and cell phone speed dial right now? Use it as your personal “hotline” to your PFCU account!

How to use PATTI Telebanking:

  1.  Dial (844) 435-4086

  2.  Follow the Prompts