visa_1 New, Tiered-rate Program Helps More Members Qualify.

We’re offering a brand new tiered VISA program to help more of those members who could not previously qualify. And, as before, our stable, fixed rate means no rate fluctuations from month to month!

FIXED rates as low as 7.9% APR!

Rates are tiered at 7.9%, 9.9%, 14.9% and 16.9% APR., for a limit as high as $15,000. The rate and limit for which you qualify is based on the primary member’s FICO score, as reported by Experian, and indebtedness to the Credit Union.

Terms apply to NEW VISA card applicants only. If you already have a PFCU VISA, your rate and terms will remain the same. If you would like to apply for the new VISA card, close your old account and transfer your balances, you are welcome to fill out an application.**  (Excludes transfer of balances on other existing PFCU loans.)

PFCU VISA offers a competitive FIXED RATE, NO ANNUAL FEE, world-wide convenience and “Verified by VISA” on-line security. Apply for yours today!

Call 909-594-1866 or download an application today!

** Note: If you are an existing cardholder and you are not accepted for the new VISA program, or if you decide not to accept the rate and terms offered to you in the new VISA program, you may still retain your current VISA instead.
* VISA finance charge is computed by multiplying the average daily balance by the monthly periodic rate. Monthly periodic rates and the corresponding annual percentage rates are: .658333% monthly corresponds to 7.9% annually; .825% monthly corresponds to 9.9% annually; 1.24% monthly corresponds to 14.9% annually; and 1.048333 monthly corresponds to 16.9% annually. The late payment fee is $10. An additional fee will apply for payments received more than 60 and 90 days late.

Click here to report a lost or stolen VISA credit or debit card.