PFCU pays higher dividends on its savings accounts and investments because of its non-profit, tax-exempt status. The credit union’s earnings are returned to members as higher dividends on their savings. Choose from among our liquid and fixed-term accounts to best suit your needs. All PFCU savings accounts are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the federal government.

Regular Share Account

The Regular Share Savings Account is the credit union’s basic membership account and is required for all PFCU members. When you open a Regular Share Account, you become a member/owner of Pacific Federal Credit Union and have access to all of the credit union’s products and services. Minimum opening deposit is $50 plus a $1 non-refundable membership fee. You have six months to bring your account balance up to the required $50 minimum. You may not borrow until the account balance is $50 or higher.

Share Certificates

Share Certificates yield higher earnings on your savings and your funds are committed for a specific term. PFCU offers certificates with minimums of $5,000 and $10,000 and terms of 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. Dividends are paid quarterly with the remainder paid at maturity. There is a penalty for early withdrawal (see Rates and Terms page).

Goal Getters Special Purpose Accounts

Goal Getters Accounts are special regular share accounts that are targeted for specific goals. You set the goal and the term and tell us. Then make regular savings deposits to your Goal Getters Account through Direct Deposit, Payroll Deductions and we’ll help you to reach your goal and make your dream come true. The account earns the same dividend and is subject to the same terms as your Regular Share Account.

Money Market Accounts

Another way to earn higher dividends on your money is in a liquid PFCU Money Market Account. The required minimum is $2,000. Drafts are available with this account. Withdrawals are limited to three per month, with a minimum of $500 each. Minimum deposit amount is $500.

Pacific Holiday Club Accounts

Open a Holiday Club account to prepare for the holiday season! Use automatic payroll deductions, or arrange with us to have a specific amount transferred to your Christmas Club account from your net-paycheck direct deposit. You may also make deposits on-line through Home Banking. See our Holiday Club Account page for more details.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Let your Credit Union help you make sure your retirement years are secure and comfortable! PFCU offers several kinds of IRAs to suit your retirement saving needs. Dividends in most of our IRAs are tax-deferred and earn faster than in a taxed account. Please go to our Retirement Savings page for details.