Auto Loans

New Autos & RVs:

PFCU will finance up to 100% of the purchase price of a new car, truck, van or sport utility vehicle, excluding tax and license but including mechanical breakdown insurance, on approval of credit. Terms up to 60 months available.

Used Autos & RVs:

PFCU will finance up to 100% of the high (wholesale) Kelley Blue Book value of any vehicle listed in the Kelley Blue Book (excludes older car edition), on approved credit. Terms up to 60 months available. For current rates, please see our Rates Page. Use our convenient loan calculator to determine your monthly payments.

Additional Auto Services:

Discount Auto Buying: You don’t have to deal with car salesmen yourself! Let a professional auto broker take the hassle out of your next car purchase. For more information about our discount auto buying program, give us a call at (909) 594-1866.

GAP Insurance: In case of an accident when the car is “totaled” or theft, GAP insurance will close the gap between what you get from your auto insurance company and what you owe. This insurance is a must for a new vehicle since a new vehicle depreciates as soon as it is driven of the lot.

Pre-approved Financing

Be sure to give yourself the buyer’s edge by applying for your PFCU auto loan before you go car shopping. Know how much you can borrow and what your monthly payment will be before you negotiate your purchase.

Home Equity Line-of-Credit Loans

A Pacific Federal Credit Union Home Equity Line-of-Credit loan can give you access to as much as 80% of the available equity in your home. PFCU’s HELOC is an open-ended credit line that you can draw upon as often as you like over an eight-year period. Interest accrues only on the amount you withdraw. Very likely your interest will be tax-deductible as mortgage interest (please check with your tax professional for your particular tax status). Maximum loan amount is $100,000 and maximum repayment term is 15 years. The HELOC loan rate is pegged to the 11th District Cost of Funds index. Call the Credit Union to request an application from a loan officer. (See Rates Page for current rate.)

Our Home Equity program also features:

• Minimal closing costs (some conditions apply).
• No points.
• $125.00 application fee.
• Usually tax deductible (see your tax consultant for eligibility).

Call the PFCU Loan Department at (909) 594-1866 for more information or to apply for a PFCU Home Equity Line of Credit.

Personal (Signature) Loans

On approval of credit, you may borrow up to twice your gross monthly salary (not to exceed $5,000) with our variable-rate personal signature loan. Your rate will vary depending upon your FICO score. Maximum term is 42 months. This loan requires no collateral and is granted on your signature and good credit alone. It can be used for any purpose. Call to find out your current loan rate. The Credit Union also offers Special Purpose Signature Loans to help you target money for a specific purpose. Rates and terms are the same.

Savings-Secured Loans

Share Secured:

Borrow against the funds on deposit in your PFCU Regular Share Account for easy access to a low-cost loan with flexible terms. You can borrow up to 90% of the balance in your Regular Share Account for up to 120 months. Amount secured (“pledged”) declines as you pay off your loan. Pledged shares continue to earn dividends.

Certificate Secured:

You may also pledge funds in your PFCU Share Certificate as collateral for a loan. PFCU will lend up to 90% of the available balance of your Share Certificate for up to 120 months. Loan balance is due at certificate maturity date. If the share certificate is rolled over, the loan would continue with new terms. Amount secured (“pledged”) declines as you pay off your loan. Pledged shares continue to earn dividends. The loan rate is 2% above the dividend rate you are earning on the Certificate and the APR adjusts when the Certificate dividend rate changes. (See Rates Page for current rates.)

Other Loans

PFCU also offers Overdraft Protection Loans (see Checking Accounts) and VISA Credit Cards. Please see their respective pages for details.