Step out of line! The Credit union offers several extremely convenient, safe and free electronic services to help you make savings deposits, make inquiries, and do transactions on your accounts by telephone at any hour of the day or night. Why stand in line on payday when you can have your net pay or a portion of your paycheck automatically deposited each payday? Sign up for one of these free services and go home and relax instead!

Direct Deposit

You can have your entire paycheck automatically deposited into your PFCU checking account each payday by signing up for free Direct Deposit. Just contact your payroll department to arrange for Direct Deposit. Signing up is quick and easy, requiring only a brief form, a voided check or deposit slip and your signature. You can also arrange to have your Social Security checks or any other recurring government payments directly deposited to your PFCU account(s). Call us at (909) 594-1866 for more information.

Payroll Deduction

If you are a state employee and prefer to deposit only part of your check, sign up for our free Payroll Deduction service. With Payroll Deduction, you can deposit as much as you like to as many PFCU accounts as you wish. It’s a convenient and painless way to build your savings or Money Market account, contribute to your IRA, fund your Goal Getters account, or make loan payments. Get out of line! Sign up for automatic Payroll Deductions by calling us at (909) 594-1866 today!

PATTI: 24-Hour Audio Response Service

PFCU’s Audio Teller for Touch Tone Information, or PATTI, is the Credit Union’s free, telephone audio response service. You can use any touch-tone telephone anywhere in the world, any hour of the day or night, 365 days a year, to access your PFCU accounts. With one phone call to PATTI, you can do any of the following transactions on your accounts:

• Make balance inquiries
• Request a withdrawal from savings or checking (a check will be mailed)
• Transfer money within your account
• Verify payroll deposit or direct deposit information
• Get dividend and loan interest information
• Find out which checks have cleared
• Keep track of withdrawals

To use PATTI, you’ll need your account number, your 4-digit PIN number and a touch-tone phone. Dial PATTI’s special number and simply follow the instructions you will hear. It’s as easy as that. It’s also private, secure, convenient and free. To sign up for our 24-hour audio response service, call the Credit Union office at (909) 594-1866.