Good Time to Buy a Vehicle!

The past few months have been hard on businesses of all kinds, including car dealerships. Because of the coronavirus lock-down, car sales have dropped by a huge percentage and dealerships are eager to move their inventory. If you need a vehicle of any kind, take advantage of this unique opportunity by using pre-approved PFCU financing.

Call or come in and talk with a friendly PFCU loan officer about a new car loan for as low as 2.9% APR* for 60 months! We also offer loan terms up to 84 months.* Used auto loans are also available to help you get perhaps an even lower price on a nearly new vehicle.

Be SURE to ask for dealer rebates! If the dealer is offering low-rate financing or a rebate on the vehicle you want, take the rebate. We’ll show you a comparison of dealer financing versus their rebate coupled with credit union financing. You’ll be the winner with PFCU financing! Call or visit us today!

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*All loans are on approval of credit. A member with impaired credit may not qualify under our 2.9% APR automobile financing rate. New and used car loan terms up to 84 months are available at slightly higher rates. Call for current rates.