BEWARE! Credit Card Re-Scam

Once again, we want to warn our members about another scam designed to separate you from your money. This one is about scammers pretending to catch a scam and alert you to fraudulent activity on your account. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from your financial institution’s fraud department and the person asks you for personal information – even if your caller ID displays the bank’s or CU’s name – it’s a scam. No legitimate financial institution will call and ask you for your account number, Social Security number, credit card information, other names on the account or any other personal information. If this happens to you, JUST HANG UP. Then call a number you know for sure is the financial institution’s real telephone number and ask them if they called you to alert you to fraud on your account.

There are groups of criminals who are very good at gaining your confidence and getting you to give them enough information to make fraudulent duplicates of your credit and/or debit cards. Within 24 hours, they can use the fake cards to empty your account. Do NOT trust anyone who calls you and asks for your Social Security number or any personal information.

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